How We Work


In the United Church of Christ, each local congregation has its own way of doing things.  At First Church, we gather as a congregation twice a year to make major decisions.   The Church Council meets more often to guide the life of the church. The Council is made up representatives from our Boards and Committees.  The Moderator, in partnership with the pastors and staff, leads the congregation and the Church Council.

Boards and Committees work in various ministry areas:

  • The Vision Team is a group within the Council that helps the congregation do planning.
  • The Board of Deacons focuses on worship and spiritual care.
  • The Board of Trustees tackles finances and the building.
  • The Board of Christian Education guides our ministry with children, youth and families.
  • The Board of Christian Involvement organizes our social justice work.
  • The Parish Staff Committee, Personnel Committee, and Lilly Resident Advisory Board provide supervision and support for our staff.
  • Other Committees include: Extravagant Welcome, Music, Art Exhibits, Hospitality, Stewardship, Adult Activities, Memorials, Library, Chimes Newsletter, and the Environmental Action Team.

First Church Community Services is a non-profit organization founded by First Church.  The First Church Community Services Board is elected by the congregation, and provides governance for the Southeast Playgroup and the Community Columbarium.




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