Lenten Survey Questions

1. Have you ever participated in a First Church small group in the fall or during Lent as either a facilitator or a group attendee?
____ Yes

____ No

2. How often do you participate in FCC small groups?
____ Always
____ Usually

____ Sometimes ____ Rarely ____ Never

3. If you rarely or never participate in FCC small groups, please share those reasons with us, if you choose.


4. What small groups are you most interested in?

____ Book based (not Bible study)
____ Bible study
____ Film/discussion

____ Service or mission

____ Social justice

5. What types of small groups that are not listed above would you be interested in attending?


6. Over the past year or so, small group participation at FCC has been declining. Is meeting in small groups something you personally value and want us to continue, or not? Are there any changes you’d suggest to the format of the groups that would better facilitate your participation?


7. Are there other faith formation programs for adults that we should we consider starting? Would you be willing to help us design and implement these new programs?


8. OPTIONAL: Please share with us a little about yourself—your age range, gender, name.

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