Member Lenten Reflections: 5

Maggie George wrote this piece about a powerful encounter with God’s presence.

It was a Dark and Stormy Night

Our bedroom was exposed on 3 sides to the the storm that night.  There were amazing gale force winds and pelting heavy rains.  We were in a wide open pasture land with nothing between us and the storm coming in off the ocean.  I found myself pacing, worrying and watching for leaks around the windows or tree branches about to break.


My partner was sound asleep as was everyone else in that Bed and Breakfast on that late fall night.  Somehow, I felt it was all up to me to keep watch and insure that the storm did not invade the house.  I tried to consider that this large stone house had stood for many years without my guard and, while this was a big storm by my standards, it was typical for this western most coast of the Isle of Skye just west of Scotland’s mainland.  I tried to relax and enjoy the storm and let go of the sense of responsibility for everything. . . but someone had to do it!


Then it came as clear as my own voice. “I’ve got it!”


I can’t tell you what that voice sounded like but I can tell you it was God.


I relinquished my post, crawled into bed next to my partner and slept peacefully the rest of that night.

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One Response to Member Lenten Reflections: 5

  1. Doris M. Strong says:

    typical of unsettled times in life and so nice when peace is restored.