Our summer reading

Hi folks. This is the book that Jane and I will be reading and blogging on this summer, if you want to follow along!  Just click the image to go to the book’s page at amazon.com.  Receiving the Day

Peace, Abby

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6 Responses to Our summer reading

  1. Ann Gilbert says:

    My copy of the book just arrived and I will definitely be reading along with Jane, Abby, and, I hope, some other First Church folks.

  2. Marilyn Burns says:

    We left for St. Joseph for conference and I was still without book. We got home yesterday afternoon and there it was!!!! So we are ready to begin…… What a great way to keep in touch this summer!!

  3. Jean Anderson says:

    My Amazon order hasn’t shipped yet, but I should have it soon. Should be an interesting read, since at the moment, thanks to unemployment, I have a little more time on my hands than is probably good for me!

  4. abbyhenderson says:

    Thanks for sharing that quotation, Tom. E.B. White is so succinct! I like your analysis of your own struggle with it.

  5. Marilyn says:

    OK – Jane and Abby – When do we start reading????????? Marilyn