“Communal Reflection”

What has struck you in this morning’s reflection so far? Please turn to someone else and have a conversation.

What strikes me is this: We are God’s beloved children, and we are called by God. The story of Samuel reminds us that call is personal. God calls us by name. God calls you and me in to use our particular gifts in particular ways. Our Gospel lesson also insists that call draws us together in community. Jesus calls Philip and Philip calls Nathanael, and so on, down to today. We are part of a movement that shares a common life.

This week, I attended a Conference at United Seminary called: “Set at Liberty: Faith, Race, and Sin of Mass Incarceration.” Danny Givens, Jr., co-led a workshop about the Black Lives Matter movement. He said, “Listen only to movement.” Listen only to movement. I took that to be a statement about where to place our attention. Where are things moving, changing? How are people moving together? Jennifer Harvey challenges white Christians, in particular, to set aside lofty and abstract dreams of reconciliation and to get to work on what she calls concrete and material forms of repair. Movement is change. It is call and response, and response and call.

So today, I ask you to reflect: How are you called to move toward racial justice? Think about your abilities – what are you good at? Work within your limitations. Figure out what you can do. Consider your power — your money, your time, your voice. Name your self-interest: what’s in this movement for you? Think about they rhythms of your everyday life. How are you called to move toward racial justice?

Let’s reflect for a while. If you wish, write something down on the slip of paper and later place it in the offering plate, dedicating it as an offering to God.