Holy Week Reading Guide

Throughout Holy Week, spend some time in selection and prayer with these readings and questions as a guide.

Monday – John 12:1-11 – Mary anoints Jesus’ feet

When was a time you gave more than you could afford to give?  How did it make you feel?

Tuesday – John 12:20-36 – Jesus speaks to his disciples

What does “following Jesus” mean to you?  What does it require of you?  How well do you keep this promise of following Christ?

Wednesday – John 13: 21-32 – Judas betrays Jesus

Have you ever been betrayed?  What did that feel like?  Have you ever betrayed someone else?  What did that make you feel?

Maundy Thursday – John 13:1-17, 31b-35

Has anyone ever tried to serve you, and you resisted?  Why?

Good Friday – John 18:1-19:37

Have you ever watched a loved one suffer?  Describe how it made you feel.

Holy Saturday – John 19:38-42 – Jesus is buried

When have you grieved the loss of someone you loved?  What got you through this time of pain and sadness?

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