Member Lenten reflections on prayer: 1

Thanks to Kathy Haskins for contributing the first selection, a poem written for the occasion of Ash Wednesday.


Ashes to ashes and

Dust to dust

Star dust and Earth dust we are


Of death come to fleeting life

Fairly planted in the intricate web

Of humus bearing flora

Then fauna, and we are famished

We flail against time

Then falter and succumb

Sinking slowly into age

Yes, to die and decompose

Like the lilies of the field

Fresh and fabulous

For but a time

Ah, dear God, how short

But sweet is life

Forgive me each day I do not rise with glee

For I have a warm home, friends

And family who love me

Forgive me each day I do not rise with joy

For I have a job to pay my way

I repent each day I not celebrate with jubilation

For my clear color vision sees the glory of the dawn

My sharp ears hear the cardinal and the chickadee

I have a keen sense of smell that has saved my life

Flavors do I love, both delicate and strong

And my sense of touch, the soft strokes,

The tickles and the pains, is a wonder of creation

What elation are hands and feet

I await what new and exciting deeds

My day will greet:

A blessing it is live at all

Do you hear me call?

Forgive me my failings

My selfish inclinations

Have mercy when I am cross

Or give an intolerant jab

I do not mean to be bossy or mad

Have mercy when I treat others with disrespect

Truly, I try to do what is correct

I am fragile, I fall

Without you I am nothing you see

Please hear my petition and help me be

At your service and right on the ball

That I might bear witness

For Christ, who died for me


K.H.  March 7-12, 2011


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One Response to Member Lenten reflections on prayer: 1

  1. Kathy Haskins says:

    I look forward to seeing the contributions of other people as well!