Stayed on Jesus

“Mom” my daughter asked, “how do you spell crumb?” “C-r-u-m-b,” I responded. Later I picked up the note she was working on. It was signed “crumb, Alice.” “What does this mean, honey, ‘crumb, Alice?’” “Not crumb! From! From, Alice!” She shouted. I tried to explain that I had made a mistake, that I had misheard…. Read More

Life Laid Down

At the beginning of the service, we received reflections from the group that travelled a few weeks ago to the water protectors’ welcome center near Palisade, MN.  After several days of spring rain, the forest floor was one giant mud puddle; everyone in the camp wore tall rubber boots. As one water protector reminded us,… Read More

In the Middle of an Uprising

Last Monday night, my family was among those who streamed from all four directions to stand together quietly at the intersection of 63rd Avenue and Kathrene Drive in Brooklyn Center. The mood was heavy and somber. The sky was cloudy, the air held a chill. Most people were bundled up in jackets and hats and… Read More

An Unfinished Story

On Friday, a friend who is a nurse texted. After a day of giving COVID vaccines, she would have a dose left over that needed to be used. Did I want it? The paperwork complete, I stood in her kitchen and the slim needle poked my arm. So quickly and quietly this momentous thing was… Read More

Jesus Seeds

A member of our congregation, Mercedes, wrote to me this week, saying she’s been thinking a lot about what forgiveness means in the COVID aftertimes that are coming. She gave me permission to share her questions with you. Mercedes wonders how to forgive those who went about their lives as usual during this pandemic. Clearly… Read More

In the Day of My Trouble I Sought the Lord

This year, our congregation is devoting time and thought to the topic of reparative justice for the Indigenous people of Minnesota. In our readings and conversations one word has been seen and heard time and again: land. The concept of land recovery is mentioned repeatedly by Indigenous leaders as the most powerful means of reparative… Read More


As is characteristic in Mark’s Gospel, we have only this brief and mysterious account of the time Jesus spent in the desert wilderness: “And the Spirit immediately drove [Jesus] out into the wilderness. He was in the wilderness forty days, tested by Satan; and he was with the wild beasts; and the angels waited on… Read More

In a New Light

I’ve lived close to the Mississippi River most of my life. The river is an anchor, a solace, a companion, a teacher. The river provides my drinking, bathing, cooking and gardening water. She is, literally, my life. I grew up in La Crosse, WI, another river town. I have a vivid memory of how, at… Read More

Healing Reciprocity, Mutual Flourishing

The doorbell rang at church. The young woman standing at the door said the pantry was empty, and she wondered if we had more food. So I invited her inside to choose some items from our supply. We got to talking—about her struggles to make ends meet while working and going to school, about walking… Read More


Our dog Ace is sweet, gentle and patient. He has a cat-like way of showing affection. He’s enthusiastic about walks and runs. When he gets excited, his tail wags in a twirling pattern we call the “windmill.” Ace has a wonderfully soft, extra furry spot under his chin. His ears perk out sideways in the… Read More