Gather.  Listen.  Speak.  Act.

First Church is a progressive Christian community that gathers to listen, speak and then act, with a spirit of compassion, justice and stewardship.

Holy Week Schedule


Palm Sunday – April 14 at 10am.  Worship service with stations of the cross and a palm procession.

Maundy Thursday-  April 18 at 6pm.  Light meal and worship service.

Good Friday – April 19 at 7pm.  Worship service.

Easter Sunday – April 21 – Outdoor worship service at the Stone Arch Bridge at 8am.  Breakfast served at First Church at 9am. Worship service in the sanctuary at 10am.

First Gallery News

IMG_1475First Gallery in Pilgrim Hill will be showing Brian Severn’s fabric paintings from April through June.

Abstraction, collage, color, and texture have long defined Severns’ works and these large-scale works are no exception.  Almost monumental in size—measuring at the largest 6’x7’—he explains: “These paintings grew out of collaging paper together which is something I do when I’m feeling intimidated with a larger scale. They also use a couple themes that I really love working with: decorative patterning that is subverted through rule breaking and feelings of awkwardness.”

One rule, however, that Severns didn’t anticipate was confronting gender assumptions about what art men can and cannot create.   “After completing a couple larger pieces in 2007 I gained a small amount of attention,” Severns recalls. “Most of it was centered around the fact that I was a male who’s medium was sewing so in some people’s eyes I was undermining gender stereotypes. While there is a long history of men who sew (tailoring in particular) I wanted people to focus on the work aesthetically – not on any politics around it. I’ve since relaxed quite a bit and am more interested in making the work than trying to control how people approach it.”


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