Gather.  Listen.  Speak.  Act.

First Church is a progressive Christian community that gathers to listen, speak and then act, with a spirit of compassion, justice and stewardship.


Join our weekly worship via livestream!

Visit our Facebook page to view our video of this week’s worship, which will be posted at 10 am each Sunday.

Click here view the bulletin for the March 29, 2020 service.

Click here to participate in our virtual coffee hour at 11 am on Sundays.

Click here to proceed directly to our online giving page, which offers options to give to First Church and to our monthly special offerings.


 Daily Spiritual Practice

Let’s stay connected and grounded!  During this time of physical distancing, we invite you to pause daily for prayer or meditation.  We will gather online for 30 minutes each day to share in practices led by members of our community.   To participate, click on the zoom links provided below.

Mondays, 7 pm: Sandy Johnson shares the poetry of hymn texts and a brief reflection, followed by community prayers.   Click here to join the Monday gathering.

Tuesdays, 8 pm: Linda Valerian teaches ways to translate your body sensations associated with anxiety and depression and learn ways to help your bodies feel calmer and more at ease: Click here to join the Tuesday gathering.

Wednesdays, 8 pm: Jane McBride leads lectio divina, praying the scriptures.  Will include times of both silence and sharing. Click here to join the Wednesday gathering.

Thursdays, 10 am: Jean Chagnon leads guided meditations focused on topics like connecting with your authentic self, feeling more grounded and centered, or revitalizing your energy field. Click here to join the Thursday gathering.

Every other Friday (beginning April 3), noon: Vicki Snowden leads breath work and meditations from her kundalini yoga practice Click here to join the Friday gathering.

Saturdays, 8 pm: Jane McBride leads silent centering prayer, followed by a time of community prayer Click here to join the Saturday gathering.


Faith on Tap becomes Faith on Zoom!

Faith on Tap is going virtual (and with a slightly altered name). If you’re interested in fun and thought-provoking discussions about faith, spirituality, and life, join us at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, April 6, for Faith on Zoom. Just click on the meeting link:

All are welcome!











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