Art Exhibits


Our congregation has created an art gallery in our main gathering space (known as Pilgrim Hall). We are pleased to display work from various artists in our community and beyond.  We feel blessed to be surrounded by these beauty and spiritually meaningful creations. We welcome inquiries from artists about showing your work.

Current Show Running (through September 2021)

First Gallery is now showing paintings by Marjorie Moody, which will be hanging in Pilgrim Hall and the Library all summer and into September. Marjorie’s main concerns in painting are color, mood, rhythm, and spontaneity. Music, nature, dreams, and the subconscious all play a part in the formation of her work. This series are oil and cold wax paintings that were executed by working in layers, scraping through the surface, adding more paint and finding the imagery during the process. Marjorie works intuitively but with intention, playing with combining abstraction and natural spaces. Rather than depict a scene she strives to suggest and/or stir up a memory. Mystery and ambiguity are important elements of her paintings. Her work has been influenced by the Abstract Expressionists, Chinese landscape painting and Japanese woodblock prints.

Marjorie received her BFA, summa cum laude, from the University of Minnesota. She has had solo exhibitions nationally and internationally. Her work is in private collections throughout the U.S., Germany, Switzerland, France, Japan, Norway, Canada and Italy. Marjorie has shown her art previously at First Church, and we hope you enjoy these paintings. Her work affirms joy in life—and is a welcome breath of fresh air in our church home.

Evening Reflection

“Evening Reflection”



Abstract with periwinkle

“Abstract with Periwinkle”



Marjorie Moody head shot

Here are some of the exhibits we have hosted in past years:

  • Life-size puppets created by children in the First Church community for the production of “Joseph’s Colorful Coat”
  • Photographs of church towers from around the world by Don Loegering
  • Minneapolis Public School exhibit of students’ artwork depicting “What Is Home to Me?” focusing on issues of affordable housing and homelessness
  • Serigraphs with religious themes by John August Swanson
  • Hooked art (textiles) by rug hooking artists Tish Murphy, Joan LeVine and Kathy Morton Mulvain
  • Nature photographs and poetry by Bob Ochtrup, photographer, and Jeff Wolvertine, poet
  • Watercolor paintings by Ann and Wayne Sisel
  • Nature prints by Jan Shogren
  • Favorite art pieces from the First Church community
  • Watercolors and pastels by Walter Breckenridge
  • Exhibit of prints by 21 different artists inspired by the poem “Laughing  Bear” by Katherine Tilton, which is about domestic abuse. “The Laughing Bear Portfolio” was the inspiration of Diane Eicher who is also one of the artists. First Church also hosted a fundraiser for the St. Paul Domestic Abuse Intervention Project.
  • Abstract paintings in oils and acrylics and pencil drawings by Amy Smith

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