And God Saw It Was Good

A new church started in a downtown area. They wanted to impress others with their fancy building so they spent a lot of money on a grand building. But then immigrants began to move in. They were low class—not the church’s kind of people. So the church moved further south and built a new, fancier… Read More

The Deep End

There is one word in this homily that you may not wish young children to hear, I will raise my hand just before I say it. Northwestern Memorial Hospital is a 1,000-bed, Level-1 trauma center in the heart of downtown Chicago. It sits on the Magnificent Mile, one of the priciest city shopping districts. It… Read More

Spirit of Witness

We all have clutter, boxes full of stuff. Going through one of our boxes Orv came across a button that said, “God doesn’t side with one group, religions do that.” This week I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Dear Lord, save me from your followers.” Because of the truism in the button as well… Read More

Trust Walk

On the Western Slope of Colorado lies Glenwood Springs, a beautiful town just down the road from Rifle, where I grew up. Glenwood sits at the convergence of the Colorado and Roaring Fork rivers which means that the town sits nestled in a valley and is protected on all sides by steep mountains made of… Read More

God Talk

God talk. A clergy person once accused me of talking about God too much. I didn’t think that was possible. My intent today is to share with you my theology. Usually clergy have months to ease folks into what we believe; I don’t have that luxury. I could just preach fluff, but I have more… Read More

What Happened on the Road

I love the walk between my house and the river. It’s a journey that’s not always pretty. Most of the tall trees are gone, since the tornado. Some days, the air stinks with exhaust and industrial pollution. Following the banks of the creek where it curves beneath the interstate, I meditate over the garbage, which… Read More

Seen and Unseen

As night fell on the first Easter evening, Jesus’ disciples gathered behind locked doors—not to celebrate, but to hide, not to plan for the future, but to grieve. That same morning, they had received incredible news. Jesus was not in the tomb. He had been raised. In the garden, he called Mary by name. She… Read More

With Fear and Great Joy

Anne Lamott says, “Courage is fear that has said its prayers.” Mary Magdalene and the other Mary faced their fear, that first Easter morning. They went to see the tomb, to be present to their loss and the trauma of their community, to hold vigil in that cold, dark, damp space of death. They went… Read More


We say: “Our bones are dried up and our hope is lost; we are cut off completely. God says: “I am going to open your graves. I will put my spirit in you and you shall live.” Sometimes, when I think about death, I feel panic-y with grief and fear. At other times, I’m calm,… Read More


            I have eyes that work—basically—when equipped with contacts or glasses. Lately, the close-up vision is getting a bit fuzzy. Probably time for bifocals. Despite the fact that I can see, I am reminded from time to time of all that I don’t see. For instance, I never would have noticed the couple sleeping in… Read More