Sermons for October 2021

From Striving to Surrender

Kids: let’s talk about listening. The disciples really weren’t listening to Jesus. Today is the third time in a row he told them something. He said: don’t try to be the biggest or the best. Try to serve each other. And guess what? They got into another argument about who was the biggest and the… Read More

Looked at with Love

I’m going to begin with a word to our kids. Hi kids! Let’s talk about sharing. In today’s story, Jesus told a man to share everything he had. Everything. Sharing can be hard. But Jesus didn’t say that to make the man feel unhappy. He said it because he loved the man. Let’s think together… Read More

It’s About Power

For the rest of the fall, I’m going to begin my sermons by talking to our children, though the grownups are welcome to listen! Let’s talk about power today. Make a fist with me. Holding up your fist can be a way of saying “I’m powerful.” There are different kinds of power, though. If you… Read More