Southeast Playgroup


Every Monday morning during the school year, from 9:30-noon, the church hosts a playgroup for families from the neighborhood and around the city. The playgroup welcomes children ages 0-4 accompanied by a parent or caregiver. They meet in the upstairs classrooms in September, then move to the basement after the rummage sale in early October.   The children enjoy creative crafts, learn to play together, have snacks, have stories read to them, and have a large space in which to run off some energy.

Southeast Play Group is an outgrowth of what used to be Way To Grow. When WTG ceased to function at the end of 2002 they left us with a lot of toys and a group of parents who were accustomed to bringing their toddlers to First Church for what was then called Play Zone. Those parents just kept coming so a WTG volunteer maintained the program until she had to go back home to Indonesia. Now First Church volunteers are there, and the kids are still coming. From all over the world; Europe, Asia, Africa, and the U.S.




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